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Favorite White & Cream Paint Colors

Favorite paint colors

Let's talk paint colors!! Ever felt a bit lost in the paint aisle, wondering which white or cream would bring those warm vibes into your space? You're not alone, my friends! But fear not! I am here to sprinkle a bit of color magic on your walls. As an expert in the Interior Design industry I have curated my tried and true colors that seem to never let me down. No matter what lighting situation or what other colors we are mixing in, these always hit the mark for me and most importantly never let me or my clients down. As I was making this list I began to realize that I really do have a thing for Benjamin Moore. This is by no means sponsored by them, this is just where I lean the most when selecting paint colors. Let's get started!

Best White and Cream paint colors

Simply White by Benjamin Moore is my go to Bright White that whispers warm and feels timeless. With a hint of yellow undertones, this white paint color provides a crisp white tone and the perfect amount of warmth. No cold white paint color here!

Simply White paint color in a bedroom
Simply White used in a bedroom design

White Dove by Benjamin Moore is always in my pocket. It works well in all lighting conditions and with different sheens. I have used it as cabinetry, wall, and trim paint. It has never let me down! It is the perfect warm white, not too creamy and not too white.

White Dove paint color used in entry and staircase
White Dove used for trim, walls, ceiling, and cabinetry

Swiss Coffee is a beautiful creamy white that works in spaces with a lot of natural light. It is a bit trickier to work with since it could change depending on the lighting. This is a color I would paint a swatch in the space first before making a call. It is also trickier to mix with other whites as it could pull more yellow. Ultimately it is the perfect white to add more warmth into a space.

Swiss Coffee paint color in a living room
Swiss Coffee used on walls and ceiling

Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore is that perfect cream/gray color that provides a bit of contrast against white trim. I use it a lot in bedrooms when we want to add a hint of color and warmth into the space but still remain light and bright. I would say this color tends to lean more Taupe than Gray.

Classic Gray Paint color used in a bedroom
Classic gray used in a Bedroom Design

Skimming Stone by Farrow & Ball has become my go to cream cabinet color. I am not sure what it is about it, but it makes cabinetry look rich and timeless while still remaining light and airy. This paint color pulls light warm/gray in tone. Depending if you are getting this color matched you may need to tone down some peachy tones.

Skimming Stone Painted Cabinets
Skimming Stone Painted Cabinets

And there you have it, the lowdown on the fantastic world of white and cream paint colors! I hope you're feeling as pumped as I am about giving your space a fresh, fabulous look.

Choosing paint colors should feel like picking your favorite ice cream flavor – a delightful experience that makes you smile. Whether you're vibing with the bright and crisp "Simply White" or diving into the warm, creamy embrace of "Skimming Stone", remember, it's all about what makes you happy.

Happy painting, my friends! Here's to a home that feels just like you – cozy, welcoming, and full of good vibes. Until next time, stay awesome!

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