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Favorite Green Paint Colors

Another paint color blog post for you color lovers! Today it's all about green! Green has definitely increased in popularity the past few years. We all feel drawn to this organic color that resembles nature. There are so many beautiful shades available to fit any design style, wether moody, classic, or modern, here are some of my go to favorites!

Favorite green Paint, Caldwell green

Starting Strong with Caldwell Green by Benjamin Moore. This project was my first taste of green. This was a cabin remodel and we really wanted to bring nature inside. This Green paint color is a perfect medium shade, it also pulls more cool (blue) in tone, it may look more blue toned in certain lighting. Overall this color is perfect with balancing with warm tones.

Vintage Vogue benjamin moore

Vintage Vogue Benjamin moore

Vintage Vogue by Benjamin Moore has been a favorite of mine when wanting to lean more darker/moody with the design. It is just the perfect shade of smoky green that can replace a black in most designs. I love that is does't pull yellow or blue. Just the perfect dark green!

Pewter Green Sherwin Williams

Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams is a hint dark and yet it is calming. It tends to lean cooler in tone and in certain lighting it can read more gray with a green tone. It's true tone is Green with a gray undertone, making it a perfect deep muted green.

Evergreen fog, Sherwin williams

Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams became an instant favorite. I needed the perfect shade of green to go with the floral wallpaper selected for this girls bedroom. I would call this a softer green with warm undertones. The beige undertones makes this green appear more true green, and leans away from looking blue.

Intrigue Benjamin Moore

I find my self really drawn to colors that are gray in tone but have either a green or blue undertone. It's just a kiss of color without committing to a color. It feels more muted, calming, softer. Now enters Intrigue by Benjamin Moore. It is just the perfect muted green, but some how it still adds a moody vibe. In some light it could lean gray, but also green. I love how it keeps you guessing. It definitely has a cooler undertone, hence the gray, but does not pull blue.

French Gray, Farrow & ball

This one is in progress, I promise to share more once it's complete. For this project we selected the perfect muted sage green. French Gray by Farrow & Ball was the perfect color for this space. It works so well with the wallpapers selected. But what I loved about it is that it doesn't pull yellow at all. Some sage greens can have a strong yellow undertone making it look muddy or dare I say, poop family related, sorry but that's what I think of. This one is so refreshing. It is really the perfect muted sage and I can not wait until it's done and I can show you how perfect it looks!

Favorite green Paint colors

Green represents balance, growth, and harmony. We connect to it because it resembles nature, a renewal. It feels refreshing. Bringing into our spaces is sure to create some sort of balance even if subconsciously. Here is your sign to give green a try in your home!

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