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"My soul has always compelled me to make my surroundings feel beautiful. My environment matters. It influences how I feel and my creativity. I am a lover of nature and have always been inspired by the details that surround us. My goal is to create cohesive beautiful spaces that bring calm and joy."


Meet Shalmai

Meet the Team

Our approach is always natural and organic with a holistic twist. Focusing on the clients and their unique needs. No home is ever the same. Our goal is to not only make spaces beautiful, but to evoke peace and provide healing. We believe our spaces help balance our mental wellbeing. 

Shalmai works alongside clients, builders, and contractors, to smoothly bring projects together. Shalmai, a problem solver by nature, will make sure that communication is streamlined and issues are addressed.


From the initial planning stages to mood boards, drawings, layouts, project management, furnishings, and styling, Shalmai will help you visualize the design and concept for your home.

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